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Today’s Leg Workout

I started off with 3 sets of 10 seated leg curls. Nothing fancy here.

My second exercise was sumo deadlift. I have really been working on my form and have been studying extremely strong sumo deadlifters on the internet. I won’t go into great detail here but I have noticed that they seem to squat the weight up. I have begun starting the lift thinking of squatting the weight from the floor and the weights have been remarkably easy. I did 7 sets of 5 reps working up in weight and the dropped the weight about 15 % and did a set of 10 reps.

Next I did squats with the Duffalo bar. We just received this bar Friday and although I don’t squat often when I deadlift I wanted to give it a whirl. And I have to say it felt awesome on my shoulders. My wife and I purchased this bar because our shoulders were really getting beat up from conventional squat bars. Definitely looking forward to using some heavy weights with this bar. I did 5 sets of eight reps wkorking up in weight.

My fourth exercise was leg extensions. 3 sets of 10 reps.

Next up was barbell Romanian deadlifts. I have recently added these back in to my leg workouts and feel they have really helped beef up my hamstrings. I did 3 sets of 6 reps.

Standing calf raise. Light weights. Achilles is still tweaked at the heal and taking a long time to heal!

Reverse hyper extension. I kept the weight down on these and did term in a slower and more controlled manor. 3 sets of 10 reps.