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Healthy Eating

We believe in a whole food way of eating with as little processed foods as possible. Macronutrient ratios will vary from individual to individual and this is often dependent on a number of variables. There isn’t a one size fits all way of eating that will work for everyone. Athletes and other extremely active people may require more carbohydrates depending on activity levels. For your average person a lower carbohydrate approach is often the most successful way to maintain weight.

What may work for one person may not work for another. Broccoli is a “healthy” food but it may causes some to become bloated and feel uncomfortable therefore we would recommend to that person not to eat broccoli.

Vegans and Vegetarians must pay strict attention to their diets to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they do not get because they are not consuming meat and dairy products. Recommendations need to be made to make sure they are eating a well rounded diet that is not too carbohydrate heavy.

People who eat meat and dairy products should also make sure they are eating sufficient amounts of vegetables to round out their macronutrients. Excess protein in the body can be converted to fat and sugar and can be stored as fat. Excess fat will also be stored as fat.

We have just touched on some of the variables that need to be consider when putting together a healthy eating plan. No cookie cutter type diet works for everyone. People often want to be told that we have a magical way of allowing them to continue to eat the same foods they are eating in the same ratios and they will lose weight and body fat. We wish it were that simple but a change in body composition requires changes in your dietary habits.